OHS Management System

In MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc. (MACS), Occupational Health & Safety is a way of life. The set policies and the creation of the different teams were instrumental in establishing the safety paradigm. Competent members who are always willing and ready to assume their roles man these teams.

MACS OHS program was designed with the thrust to create a hazard free environment through the prevention of any hazards that may result to personal injuries, accidents, fire, security, property losses and environmental damage.

All of these have been and will be realized through the commitment and active participation across all levels of the organization, treating each and everyone as CO-EQUAL in this formidable task. Among the activities established to sustain this commitment is the regular safety audits conducted by the MACS OHS Committee and the Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) - Department of Labor & Employment (DOLE), acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for various work assignments and most importantly the analysis of the loss work time accidents (LTA) and/or near misses, if any.

MACS OHS program is continually improved through the established OHS Key Performance Indicators, conduct of regular management system evaluation and conduct of OHS related trainings and education of employees. Over all, MACS Occupational Health and Safety was established with the utmost thrust to cradle the present & the future well being of its employees and the environment. Having in mind the following principles: safety as a way of life, compliance to legal & statutory requirement and continual improvement.