MacroAsia Catering Services

MacroAsia Catering Services (MACS) is the first fully functional In-flight Catering facility located inside the premises of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, Philippines.

It was incorporated on 18 October 1996. After two years of continuous planning, preparation and construction, it started its commercial operations on 9 August 1998, with Air Macau and Singapore Airlines as its first customers.

Its strength as a business entity is founded on the solid partnership of two (2) highly reputable and progressive companies: MacroAsia Corporation (Philippines), and SATS Ltd (Singapore).

MacroAsia Corporation (MAC) is a publicly listed Filipino corporation basically in the business of Aviation Support Services. As the major partner, it has a stake of 67% in MACS. Being physically closest to MACS, as the other owner is based abroad, MacroAsia Corporation provides immediate support to MACS, in any contingency.

SATS Ltd has several other joint venture kitchens spread out all over Asia. It holds 33% ownership in MACS. As a strong aviation service player in the Asia-Pacific region, it actively provides technical support to MACS, and also serves as a vital player in the raw materials supply chain of MACS.

The synergies derived from the formidable partnership and support of the shareholders is the strength behind MACS! And today, only twenty years from the start of its commercial operations, MACS has the distinction of being the only airline caterer in the Philippines to be HACCP Certified (Cert. No. CIP/3486/04/08/379 issued on 20Aug04) in addition to holding an ISO 9001:2015 Certificate from Certification International and HALAL certificate from the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (Cert. Code OMA- PHCRA 001).

Truly, MACS has lived up to the distinction as the most preferred airline caterer at NAIA, which consistently gives its clients worry-free operations, and service at world-class standards.



MACS is committed to provide its clients safe quality foods and services.We maintain a business culture that is built on trust, confidence, individual ownership and responsibility.We enhance our Quality Systems through continual review and improvement in conformity with ISO 9001, HACCP, HALAL and international standards.We maintain a dynamic and professional workforce through continual training and development, performance appraisal and rewards.We constantly satisfy the needs of our stakeholders through our professional bearing.We provide value for our owners, employees, local community and environment.We have fun and we enjoy.


To be the most innovative & preferred catering service provider in the Philippines, recognized for its excellent quality and food safety standards by 2025.

Quality Objective

Quality Policy

MACS is committed to provide its clients with safe quality food and services by being the best in-flight caterer and market leader in the Philippines.

To achieve and maintain this position, we are committed to:

Leadership …

Establish and maintain a business culture that is built on trust and confidence, values its people, its resources and the environment.

Professionalism …

Exude professional bearing in dealing with all business partners, internal and external customers at all levels.

Food Safety …

Produce and deliver meals under strict Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) conditions for optimal safety and reliability.

Customer Satisfaction …

Provide meals and related services in accordance to customer specifications and expectations.

ISO 9001 …

Operate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Continual Improvement …

Constantly review and improve our Quality System, ensuring growth and development.

Quality is everybody's concern and it is a vital and strategic factor to achieve and maintain the status as the best In-flight caterer and market leader. It is management's responsibility to lead, support, coordinate, sustain and continually improve the Quality System for MACS.


Values Statement

MACS strives to build a community with a strong bond between individuals brought about by these shared work values: Pagmamalasakit, Passion, Integrity and Unity in Diversity.

  • Pagmamalasakit – We have genuine concern for all. Our thoughts and deeds are supported by:

  • Passion – Our innate drive to work with enthusiasm and eagerness to achieve excellence.

  • Integrity – Carrying out our duties and responsibilities with a strong sense of commitment, trust and honesty

  • Unity in Diversity – Drawing from our individual uniqueness to develop teamwork and solidarity among all.

Our Values are demonstrated in these areas:

 c1  Partners at Work
We work as a team and treat each other with mutual respect and consideration.

 c1  Work
We do things right the first time, all the time.

 c1  Clients
We exceed customer expectations by going the extra mile.

 c1  Business Partners
We are fair and we provide value in all our dealings

 c1  Environment
We support sustainable projects to develop and improve the environment.

 c1  Community
We advocate good citizenship and awareness.

With these values applied in our daily undertakings, MACS shall have a highly motivated, competent, professional workforce dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and continual improvement for the benefit of all.



Quality Management System

Quality is everybody´s concern. This is the guiding principle of all MACS employees. The company was first certified to ISO 9002:1994 version last 2000.


Food Safety Management System

Since the start of its operations, MACS operated under strict Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) conditions for optimal safety and reliability.


OHS Management System

In MACS, Occupational Health & Safety is a way of life. The set policies and the creation of the different teams were instrumental in establishing the safety paradigm.